Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Me and Oprah and the books we like

Well, I've finally done it: I'm finally a member of Oprah's Book Club.

At least I assume that I am. Doesn't membership come free with ordering one of the titles she recommends? If not, I'll be returning Cormac McCarthy's The Road. Only reason I bought the damn book was to attain a closer connection to the Queen of All Media. If that isn't going to happen, then I'm really not interested. Pulitzer, schmulitzer. This is all about Oprah.

Forgive the sarcasm. I've done my best not to read any book recommended by Oprah, but it was bound to happen that someday my interests would coincide with the interests of the loyal staffers who do her reading for her. The fact is, I do try to pick up the odd Pulitzer-prize winner, just to see what all the fuss is about. Although the timing is suspect, I really wasn't waiting for O's seal of approval. I was just waiting for it to come out in paperback.


Uriah Robinson said...

Your posts about Cormac McCarthy books made me pick up my son's copy of All the Pretty Horses which he had studied for his English Literature exam about 4 years ago. I was astounded to see pages and pages of annotations, he had actually done some work.
I thought he just chose that book as an excuse to ogle Penelope Cruz in the movie.

Dave Knadler said...

heh. I need no excuses to ogle Penelope Cruz. But I haven't seen the movie -- any good?

Uriah Robinson said...

Very good.