Thursday, August 2, 2007

A good writing tool, and the price is right

While I'm trying to think of something better to write about, here's another plug for, the freeware, open-source "productivity suite" that does pretty much everything Microsoft Office does at less than a fraction of the price.

Since my new laptop came without much software installed (and what was installed I immediately deleted), was right up my street. I use it exclusively for writing, but the spreadsheet, database and presentation modules get good reviews too. I can honestly say I don't miss a thing about MS Office, MS Works or Corel Wordperfect, all of which I've used extensively in the past.

If you've already got one of those, or some other commercial software that's working, there's no compelling reason to switch. But if you get a new machine and you're a writer, save a few bucks and try I like it so much I might actually donate a bit of cash. I don't see a downside to this open-source movement.

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