Sunday, August 12, 2007

It's just one click. But nooooo....

It has come to my attention that almost no one is voting on my film noir poll. Normally I'd consider this a personal affront and ample cause for a profanity-laced rant on how nobody cares anymore, nobody. But my wife Tess has pointed out it's probably because I didn't include her personal favorite neo-noir: The Grifters, from 1990.

OK, it was a glaring omission. Any film that has somebody beating up on Angelica Huston with a sack of oranges -- that's some serious noir. And if it's based on a novel by Jim Thompson, with a screenplay by Donald E. Westlake, it definitely has the street cred. In hindsight, maybe I should have killed Memento and added The Grifters.

Too late now, though. All I can do at this point is drink cheap whiskey and, later this evening, probably decide to quit blogging forever. Hope you're happy.


Peter said...

Well, your poll plays into a number of vexed or at least wide-open questions. What's noir? What's neo-noir, and can a color film even be noir? (All three have come up on the Web in recent months.) Perhaps this is one poll you should have conducted exclusively as a write-in.
Detectives Beyond Borders
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pundy said...

Well, I tried to vote - for LA Confidential - but I got a message up saying "Cannot process vote".
Maybe the same thing happened to millions of other visitors?

Dave Knadler said...

Heh. Millions, yes. But you might be onto something here.