Saturday, March 28, 2009

A morning without power

Guess it's a storm after all. The power went off at 3:30 a.m., and didn't come back on until around 10 a.m. In the meantime, our good friends were good enough to have us over for a nice hot breakfast. Thanks, D & D!

Now everything is covered in ice and certain branches are hanging dangerously low, and wet snow is coming down hard. But the furnace is on and I'm going to take a nice hot shower while I can -- day like this, you can't take continuous power for granted.

As the picture at left suggests, we won't be barbecuing for dinner tonight. Good Lord willing, we'll be tasting wine and eating pizza instead. Speaking of which, here's a poem I wrote at the request of tonight's hosts, in praise of tonight's featured grape:

I think that I shall never know
A wine so useful as merlot,
A modest grape that won't offend
When crowds of people must attend.

Though other wines may have more fame,
The alcohol is much the same;
It's not too heady, nor too light,
And usually the price is right

And though we gather just to taste,
To spit it out would be a waste
And though it's just a tiny pour,
It's never wrong to have some more.

But so that you will not seem dumb,
Pretend to note "a hint of plum"
And give your lips a thoughtful purse,
Allowing that you've tasted worse.


Jennifer Comes said...

Hi Dave -- I've been reading your posts faithfully and obviously, really enjoying them. Keep up the great work. -- Jennifer Comes

Dave Knadler said...

Hi Jennifer: Thanks for checking in. I am a glutton for compliments!

Jessie K said...

Nice, dad, nice!!

(I can't believe the snow!!! I guess this means a storm may be headed our way?? Ack!)

Dave Knadler said...

Hope you were spared. It wasn't much of a storm, historically speaking, but when the power goes out it always gets your attention.

Peter Rozovsky said...

You know, my one effort at haiku was similarly inspired by alcohol. I wrote it after a Quizzo game at Fergie’s Pub in Philadelphia:

A gin and tonic
Another pint of Guinness
What was the question?

I like merlot, by the way.
Detectives Beyond Borders
“Because Murder Is More Fun Away From Home”