Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Those who annoy us must be Tasered

Ahem. I'm among those who thought Andrew Meyer had it coming when security officers applied a Taser to his struggling form at the John Kerry town hall event on Monday. My deepest regret is that they didn't hit him a couple more times to drive the point home.

The point? It's this: Even in America, even at this late date, there's a remote chance you might pay a certain price for being an asshole. I defy anybody to watch the various videos of the incident and say Meyer was a victim of anything besides his own extreme assholeness.

The president of the University of Florida called the incident "regretful." Uh, yeah. The most regretful thing is that this guy Meyer, a prankster by trade, has just secured a bit of YouTube immortality, which has a half-life of at least two weeks. What's a few thousand volts compared to that? The injustice!

One other regret: "Don't Tase me, bro." I have a feeling we're going to be hearing that phrase quite a bit more. It's the 2007 version of Rodney King's immortal "Can't we all just get along?"

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Peter said...

I don't like the idea that cops carry weapons like that but, from what one can see in the video, yeah, the guy was an asshole, and the cops were fairly restrained.

And that the &*(*&% does "regretful" mean, anyway?
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