Thursday, April 17, 2008

The talent show that never ends

American Idol manages to get rid of a contestant every week, but the other big national talent show, the Democratic debates, just keeps chugging along with the same two faces. No mystery why Idol does a little better in the ratings. Since they were on last night at roughly the same time, it was interesting to compare the two.

Because it's all theater, isn't it? Clinton and Obama weren't trying to cover something from Mariah Carey's wretched songbook -- thank God --but they were performing just the same, singing a sappy ballad they hope might resonate with you, the home viewer. All the debates really need are better judges. Charlie Gibson tried mightily, staring over his spectacles like the ghost of journalism past, but he is no Simon Cowell. Also, maybe it would move things along if we voted after each debate, stabbing repeatedly at our cell phones the way certain dumb-asses do for that Archuleta kid. America voted, Hillary, and how'd you like to be secretary of nothing?

Speaking of David Archuleta, I have only one question. He might be the next Wayne Newton, but what's he going to do about Social Security?

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