Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Vote early and often

Because I can, I've set up a poll (above and to the right). It's a new feature offered here at, and I might as well be among the first to try it. Sorry for the choice in authors; they were the first ones that came into my head.

UPDATE 7/25: With a whopping 16 votes in, little-known English author Chuck Dickens came out of nowhere to win it all. We'll be sending him a complimentary three-month pass to the warehouse.


Sally Crawford said...


forsooth even.

All 4 writers are of male gender.

I think Charles D can only win out of those 4.

But then if you were to ask which (if any) of the work of the other writers is likely to last as well as Dickens's has that would be of some interest (and would possibly get us reading more).

Dave Knadler said...

Good point, Sally. As I mentioned, I didn't really put a lot of thought into the authors I named. I'm pretty sure Dickens will outlast the other three, but who would come closest to him? Maybe Elmore Leonard, just by virtue of his prodigious output. That's good fodder for a future poll.